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Entirely within the Himalayas lies Sikkim, the least populated state in India. Deep within Sikkim is Dzongu, home to the Lepcha, an indigenous tribal people who have populated Dzongu for millennia.

The Lepcha hunt, gather, and farm. They maintain peaceful relations with neighbors, and there is no record of warfare in the Lepcha oral history or mythology.
The development of a dam in Dzongu promises to end the Lepcha way of life. The dam will flood the Lepcha homeland and force them into cities, with few skills for urban living. Unless the development is halted within the year, the physical and cultural identity of the 40,000 Lepcha will disappear.

Lepchas are on a hunger strike. They are staging public protests, partnering with NGOs
across India and internationally, to fight this development. You, too, can help. Come to the Exhibit opening on March 30. Donate to the Lepcha cause.

Enjoy these photographs — a sample of the dozens that will be on display — and pass the word.

- Tamsin Orion: